Product Name : HICHLON SRG 2025

Properties: it is soluble in toluene, dimethyl benzene, etc having good solubility and fluidity at ordinary temperature, good weather-resistance, chemical-resistance, oil-resistance, ozone-resistance and flame-resistance.


High Hichlon SRG 2025 is mainly used as fire retardant, replacement of chlorinated rubber and adhesive of paintings and printing oils; low Hichlon SRG 2025 is mainly used as adhesive of printing oil, paintings and coatings. Applications as follows :

1.    Adhesive for compound printing oil.

2.    Coatings for biaxial stretching isotactic polypropylene film.

3.    Adhesive for biaxial stretching isotactic polypropylene film and paper.

4.    Inner coating of biaxial stretching isotactic polypropylene film pressure sensitive tape.

5.    Coatings for polypropylene injected products.

6.    Used in laminating of polypropylene film and aluminum foil, sealant for joint of polypropylene tube, softening modifier of polypropylene fiber and anti-slip of polypropylene packing material.


Appearance:                         pale yellow granular or powder.

Content of chloride (%):      20-25

Viscosity:                               200-800

PH:                                         6.0-8.0

Volatility(%):                          0.5

Ash(%):                                  0.3

Note: index of viscosity is about 20% toluene solvent get from the rotary viscometer at 25.