Caol Tar Pitch

COAL TAR PITCH   – LTP 5050 ( Solvent free paint tar)

Introduction : Coal Tar Pitch, LTP-5050 is a basic raw material applicable to a ship-protective marine paint of a heavy-duty coating paint. It is specially developed as solvent free type and supplied in black.


Coal Tar Pitch, LTP-5050 is used as raw material of heavy duty paint for ship or steel structure protection. It is used mainly for tar epoxy paint and tar urethane paint.

It can be used as refinery binder and anti-corrosion material in construction.


Coal Tar Pitch, LTP-5050 is high quality tar production with high fixed carbon. It has excellent adhesion, waterproofing and resistance against sea-water, oil and various chemicals. In these properties, it is much better than petroleum asphalt tar.


Drums should be stored in the shade, not exposed to sun ray. It is recommended for users to use this product as soon as possible after its purchase. Shallow burying is also recommended when there is no other alternatives.

Technical Data

Test Item Specification Test Method
Color black


Viscosity (25°C, Poise, #3, 12RPM) 50¡¾5 ASTM D-2196
Specific Gravity (25°C) 1.20¡¾0.05 KS M 2197
Toluene Insoluble (%) Max. 20 KS M 2197
Moisture (V/wt %) Max. 0.5 KS M 2197
Fineness of Grind (§­) Max. 50 KS M 5000-2141
Boiling range, ~200°C (W/wt %) Max. 5.0 KS M 2197
~3000°C (W/wt %) Max. 30

Standard Packing

Types Weight(gross) Loading Capacity in 20ft( gross)
200KG Re Used Steel Drum 200(218)kg 200KG X 80Drums (1FCL) 16,000Kg (17,5000)