About us


Highland International is a supplier of Processed Minerals, Pigments and Chemicals to the Coating, Paint, Construction Chemical, Rubber & Printing Industry in India & International market for over 2 decades. During these years Highland has strived to develop products that provide our customers with solutions to present challenges and the new options in the future.

Highlands Success is based upon the vast knowledge and an in-depth study of the properties of the products, its application, the usage with the manufacturer and the market. This encompasses the full cycle of the product from the manufacturer to the end users.

Our strength lies in our unique ability to source from the manufacturer’s all across the globe the products as per our customers requirement. Our aim does not stop only at sourcing the product but to ensure our customer gets the most competitive Price, International Packing & Delivery as per their requirement with out compromising on Quality and not the least in today’s modern banking world, the documentation as per their requirement.