Heavy Equipments

Heavy Equipments
Heavy Engineering applications are unique and we cater to their unique  problems too.
Heavy Engines in these equipments are prone to fire day in and day out. So we have a efficient aerosol based fire suppressant system to take of such problems.
We also provide high temperature coatings for silencers, engines and manifolds.
We have huge range of corrosion preventive coatings for WIP , storage and transit. We provide water based solutions  for applications prior to paintings and cleaning medias. We give temporary and permanent coating for fasteners and under body coatings.
Fire Suppressant system
                             Engine Compartments                                               NASA Crawler
High Temperature Coatings
Silencer & Engine Coatings
Corrosion Resistant Coatings
Permanent coating for fasteners
Water Based corrosion prevention Coatings.
  • Prior to Painting
  • Parts in storage & transit