Corrosion and high temperature applications in the auto industry is unique. We provide these unique solutions to the auto sector. Name it, giving corrosion protection to exhaust systems an high temperature application to Work in Process (WIP) applications where we provide extensive range of products via fluid additives for numerous applications be it OIL, WATER or Solvent. We also provide fire suppressant systems for the engine compartments. We have also provided energy saving solutions trough our insulation coatings. Dampney : High Temperature silencer and engine coatings. Cortec : Fluid additives for corrosion protection during WIP. Corrosion related Packaging solutions for EXPORT TRANSIT & STORAGE. STAT-X: Fire suppressant system used in vehicle compartments. __________________________________________________________________________________________________ Dampney High Temperature Automotive coatings (Silencers / Engines / Manifolds & Headers):

AUTOSPRAYPAINT mufflerheaders___________________________________________________________________________________________________

Corrosion resistance coatings & packing: Rust Preventives

soybased   waterbased

          Eco- friendly                                      Water Based

Rust Removers






STAT-X Fire suppressant system:

Eurostar stat-x veh