Cortec® VpCI® products solve a wide variety of corrosion problems. VpCI® protects a multitude of metal products. Spraying or dipping pipe and other tubulars with  VpCI® provides fast and economical protection for exterior and interior surfaces. In addition, waterbased concentrates provide corrosion protection and lubricant action for hot rolled, cold rolled, galvanized and aluminized steels, copper, aluminum, brass and other products, eliminating the need for oil and oil-water emulsion rust preventives. Our  technically trained staff can help you decide which product you need for long lasting and complete protection of your corrosion sensitive products.



VpCI®-329, VpCI®-329D and VpCI®-329F Add VpCI®-329 concentrate to oils to enhance corrosion inhibiting characteristics. VpCI®-329D is the ready-to-use version, and requires no blending. VpCI®-329F is the version approved by the United States Department of Agriculture when incidental contact with food may occur.


  • Excellent protection in outdoor sheltered conditions in coastal environments.
  • Effective on multimetals.
  • VpCI®-329 conforms to mIL-P-46002B.
  • Forms a thin film.

VpCI®-369, VpCI®-369D and VpCI®-369M VpCI®-369 is a self-healing barrier coating providing extended outdoor multimetal protection for up to 48 months. VpCI®-369D is a diluted version which provides months of outdoor protection.

VpCI®-369M is a ready-to-use version which meets MIL-C-16173E Grade 2. This version also offers lower viscosity than VpCI®-369 and lower solids content. (QPL product.)  Available in CorrShield® brand sizes, 11 oz. (312 g) aerosol cans.


  • medium viscosity.
  • Excellent salt spray results.
  • Excellent outdoor/salt spray protection.
  • Effective on multimetals.
  • Dilutable.
  • Excellent lubricant.


VpCI®-316 Metalworking liquids for protection of copper, brass and aluminum alloys.


  • Protects copper, bronze and brass.
  • Leaves a light semi-dry film for stamping or rolling (depends on concentration used).
  • Biodegradable, zero VOC.

VpCI®-337 Temporary coating and fogging agent for indoor storage and packaging uses. Available in EcoAir™brand sizes, 13 oz. (369 g) bottles.


  • Leaves a thin, non-tacky film.
  • Ideal for edge protection of coils and stacks.
  • Can be fogged or misted into containers, cavities, pipes, etc.
  • Provides multimetal protection.
  • Excellent vapor phase protection.

VpCI®-347 Multifunctional emulsion used as a heavy-duty lubricant/coolant for metal stamping, tubular products and machined parts.


  • Low odor.
  • Contains no burning vapors.
  • Provides multimetal protection.
  • EP Properties.
  • Excellent protection in sheltered outdoor conditions.

VpCI®-377 Can be used in a multitude of operations from a temporary coating to use as a coolant in light to medium metalworking jobs for ferrous metals. Available in EcoAir® brand sizes, 12 oz. (340 g) bottles.


  • Forms a clear, dry film which can be painted over.
  • Biodegradable.
  • Free of phosphate, nitrite, nitrate, chlorine, borates and sulfur.
  • Excellent hard water stability.
  • Passes cast iron chip test @ 2%.
  • Effective at low concentrations.
  • multimetal protection.


EcoLine® Cutting Fluid

Soy-based, multifunctional metalworking fluid for a variety of machining operations.


  • Effective at a wide range of dilutions.
  • Provides corrosion protection after operation.
  • Superb lubricating properties for machining a wide range of metals.
  • Excellent humidity resistance.
  • Provides multimetal protection for indoor storage protection.

EcoLine® Long Term Rust Preventative

Soy-based rust preventative that provides temporary protection for up to 48 months.


  • Provides multimetal corrosion protection.
  • Environmentally conscious replacement for petroleum based rust preventatives.
  • Performs very well in both high humidity and marine environments.
  • VOC free.